BYOD Threats Overstated?

Posted under: From the Blog 17th of May, 2015

Recent US article I came across said that Some recent reports seem to back up the claim that too often over the last few years we’ve overstated the actual threats, particularly malware, that mobile devices introduce into the enterprise. One such report comes from McAfee that shows out of all the malware currently out there, only 1.9 percent of it is mobile malware. That would come out to a little under 4 million threats compared to the more than 195 million that we know about. Another report from Verizon shows even lower numbers, with only 0.03 percent of smartphones being infected with what is called “higher grade malicious code.” But some numbers go even lower than that. Damballa, a mobile security vendor that monitors roughly half of mobile data traffic, recently released a report showing that only 9,688 smartphones out of more than 150 million showed signs of malware infection. If you do the math, that comes out to an infection rate of 0.0064 percent. Even more interesting is that despite the increase in mobile devices, Damballa found the infection rate had declined by half compared to 2012. However you want to look at the numbers, it becomes clear that the severity of malware from mobile devices has been vastly overstated.” What’s your experience? Have you encoutered mobile malware? Of course we’re not saying don’t have BYOD security – but maybe don’t overdo it to the extent it becomes a burden than a benefit

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