ReAssess Your Leadership Style

Posted under: Executive Coaching From the Blog 4th of December, 2014

Not earth shattering to hear CIO People Leadership must flip from Control-Led to Vision-Led.

Gartner’s survey says “75% of CIOs plan to change their leadership style over the next three years, most commonly by amplifying their vision (47%) while reducing their command and control (65%).”

“Digital leadership is almost always about vision and inspiration, not command and control. CIOs determined to be digital leaders must focus on education and inspiration. ”

So how to make it happen?
To be innovative, organisations have to be inspire and allow mistakes to made, within a controlled environment.

Where to start?
It can be hard, though, if CIO’s don’t themselves understand the risks, opportunities and capabilities of the new technologies they want to enable in their organisations. If a CIO is not sufficiently familiar with new social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, how you enable something you don’t even use. Especially for social media, it’s not enough to read journals and media about the rationale and theory regarding social media, you have to engage with it. CIOs who are not personally familiar tend to overreact depending on what they read.

Is your CIO social media ready? Help your CIO

Not only is this to to drive new innovation for your organisation, it might help you engage better with your Gen X Gen Y social media Gen.

Cheers. Vivian

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