Day # 32- Fitbit – not for me

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Posted under: Digital Natives From the Blog 14th of October, 2014

Day Thirty-Two: 6th October 2014

A month has passed, and the purpose of the device on my wrist has gradually shifted. From a supposed fitness tracker, it has been downgraded into a mere conversation point, the conversation progressing as such;

Person: hey, is that a fitbit?
Me: why yes
Person: that’s so cool

Me: sure

This is a device which does not give me any fitness benefit. If I do not reach my goal for the day, I will not go outside and run in order to reach it, and nor will I input what I eat, my heart rate, or how much activity I’m doing. I purchased a fitness monitor to do just that, monitor. Unfortunately this wristband with a $129 pricetag is now a fashion accessory that lights up. When a piece of technology is no longer useful for the technology it advertises, it has failed to do its job.

Though I am being harsh. I placed my own expectations on the device, and maybe I hoped too highly. I saw the words ‘wireless activity tracker’ and was excited. The ability to track calories burned excited me further. It could possibly be too far for me to call that false advertising, but surely they have to be more explicit in explaining what they’re really tracking. ‘Calories burned’ equates to nothing more than a basic calculation of your basal metabolic rate, the calories you burn regardless of what activity you actually do each day.

I don’t have much else to say about it. I’m glad to have it off my wrist, but I’m not spiteful at the fitbit flex. Maybe it wasn’t completely honest to me, and maybe I put expectations on it and it didn’t measure up. We just weren’t a good fit, and I wish it all the luck in the future. Just not with me.

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