Are CIO’s stuck with legacy mentality

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Posted under: Executive Coaching From the Blog 8th of October, 2014

It sounds like common sense, that the huge digital impact on business, everyday lives and throughout the community, means CIOs need to have adapted already to think digital advantage for their organisations. But often in our travels, CIO’s still defend the organisation “doesn’t understand IT” – sound familiar?

At  a recent Gartner Symposium, some of these words ring true-

“For today’s CIOs, digitalisation  has moved to center stage in their businesses. How do they lead differently to manage the opportunity and risks that come with digital business?..

To guide CIOs in this third-era of “digital now, digital first” reality, Dave Aron and Graham Waller, authors of the Gartner CIO Agenda survey report, revealed three striking imperatives for CIOs to “flip” their digital leadership behaviors.

1. Flip from Legacy First to Digital First .. moving from backward reporting to forward-looking predictive analytics combined with data-led experimentation

#2 Flip Measurements from Visible to Valuable.. Value is not created by reducing the cost of IT per dollar of revenue, but by increasing revenue per dollar of IT cost, which equals IT productivity.

#3 Flip from Control to Visionary Leadership.. Digital leadership is almost always about vision and inspiration.”


So if you are stuck defending IT’s legacy, give this some thought.

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