The Devil wears Prada AND Chanel

prada and chanel
Posted under: Executive Coaching 4th of June, 2014

It takes more to be a successful female executive-

“women executives with millions in budget authority and large staffs tell me they must still listen to accusations that they are “too aggressive” from executive men who often physically outweigh them twofold and may behave more aggressively in the office. Are these male colleagues truly afraid of a well-manicured wolf?” writes Tina Nunno, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, and author of the book, The Wolf in CIO’s Clothing: A Machiavellian Strategy for IT Success, Gartner eBooks, October 2013.

“I do believe that a leader can be a nice person and be tough simultaneously. In fact, we need nice people in leadership.

It is a misconception that leaders who do the tough thing or the difficult thing have ice in their veins and do not feel anything and therefore are not nice people. Often, they act because they have a high degree of empathy, and can feel, sense, and understand the potential repercussions of not taking action.” Tina Nunno

Cheers! Vivian

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