We need to train courageous managers as well as smart ones

Posted under: Executive Coaching From the Blog 1st of May, 2014


Some courageous advice to ponder..

What advice do you have for those starting out on their career?

We need to train courageous managers as well as smart ones. You will be bombarded by training, case histories, processes, templates, directions, rules, regulations. In the end what matters is your standard. We answer to one person in this world, whatever anyone tells you. That is the person we look at in the mirror every morning. Over the years our image changes. Those changes are wrought by how much we have developed our personal standards. They cannot be perfect; if we let them slip too much it shows. We are the best critics of how we look.

All young managers setting out on their career path need to know when to disobey. Disobedience is not a whimsical choice, it is a necessary common-sense correction of ridiculous rules. Learning when to disobey is the most important subject not taught by any university or college.

Know when to “Run like hell” lol. Cheers. Vivian

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