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Posted under: Executive Coaching From the Blog 25th of April, 2014

How often have you heard of Agile teams? Have you used the Scrum Framework ?

HBR published an article in 1986 “The New New Product Development Game” which used rugby concepts “the ball gets passed within the team as it moves as a unit up the field”  to build high performance cross-functional teams. It had 6  characteristics: built-in instability, self-organizing project teams, overlapping development phases, “multilearning,” subtle control, and organisational transfer of learning. The more traditional ‘relay race’ of product development used to move sequentially from one group of functional specialists to the next, once the baton is passed on, you don’t get to see or appreciate what happens next or the end result. Applying this rugby concept, a team moves the whole distance as a unit, passing the ball back and forth -  “the product development process emerges from the constant interaction of a hand-picked, multidisciplinary team whose members work together from start to finish” interspersed by iterative experimentation.

The Scrum Alliance borrowed the ‘scrum’ concept to create a simple Agile framework initially for software development projects but became very effective for any complex project.

In 30 seconds, the Scrum framework:

Since 2007, Neil has been covertly using the Scrum framework effectively playing the role of ScrumMaster in many organisations with complex projects keeping teams focused –  creating, inspecting, improving. It’s such a simple concept, the key is commitment.

This article “What is Agile” provides a good introduction,

together with a 10 minute video

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