Sample Personal Executive Program

Posted under: Executive Coaching From the Blog 4th of December, 2013

Over the last 3 years, conversations with executives, CEOs, DVCs around mentoring and coaching needs and depending on personal stages in executive development can be summarised as follows:

One on one executive development mentoring and coaching, with experienced executive who acts as confidant and objective advisor.

6-12 month structured program, with initiation, midterm and closure. Targeted executive development activities agreed, programmed and coached for improvement.

Regular agreed interaction, using face to face supplemented with contemporary communication methods: skype, phone, text, and email.

Specific, achievable personal development goals agreed with the executive and their superior. Typical goals are to develop a stronger presence as a leader not a manager, and to make a stronger strategic contribution. A usual progress indicator is peer and superior testimonial, with prior arrangement. The program is suited to preparing the executive for enlarged responsibilities.

Mentoring on strategy: on its formation, on personal strategic leadership behavior, and on leadership community engagement in strategic planning and execution. Assisting with holistic systems thinking, process design and strategic exploitation of technology.

Interested if anyone has any other thoughts on this?

Neil Thelander,
December 2013


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