Key Challenges in Cloud Computing

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Posted under: From the Blog 24th of September, 2013

Nice summary by Gartner. A few questions spring to mind- Are IT organisations leading/facilitating the transition, or whether they are playing catch-up and risk becoming irrelevant to the organisation. How much experience does the IT organisation have with using/managing cloud services? Are IT organisations perceived to over-state the risks and under-value potential opportunities? Do you have to own assets to control it? What’s a reasonable practical balance?

Cloud computing forces you to wrestle with three key strategic, operational and people challenges:

  • Governance:Cloud computing enables speed, agility and innovation. You need to move from the drawing board to deployment. Is your organization ready to adapt?
  • Cloud Computing Environments:You need to choose a cloud computing environment that’s right for your organization. Should you consider private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud solution? Which vendors play in this space? Will they be in business 12 months from now?
  • Security & Privacy:If someone else is running your computers and software, you need strategies to stay secure. Your security policy depends on how many pieces you control – the more you own, the more you control. Are you ready to extend your enterprise security policy to the cloud?

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