Chrome Racer – Slot Racing in 2013 – the making

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Posted under: From the Blog 15th of June, 2013

To show off Chrome browser’s ability to sync Android and iOS devices together, Google got a few clever young things (our Aussie connection) to create new multiplayer social gaming experiences with a new racing game and launched it recently at Google’s recent annual I/O event for Google Developers in San Francisco. Called Google Racer , it’s described as a Chrome Experiment to “create immersive mobile experiences” not previously possible.

Google says “We believe computing is going through one of the most exciting moments in its history: people are increasingly adopting phones, tablets and newer type of devices. And this spread of technology has the potential to make a positive impact in the lives of people around the world—whether it’s simply helping you in your daily commute, or connecting you to information that was previously inaccessible. This is why we focus so much on our two open platforms: Android and Chrome. ”

What will they think of next?

Keynote video demo is available at this link –

Original music by Giorgio Moroder

The making of Chrome Racer – a multinational team effort

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