MOOCs: Kill or Cure for Uni IT?

Posted under: From the Blog 5th of April, 2013

I get a chorus of demand from uni executives, for their IT groups “to step up and help us transform the uni“.

The runaway number of students using MOOC’s has them wondering how much time they have to change. How much time they have before MOOC’s are taking their students in numbers that send them under. One VC told me that number was only 5%.

These leaders are seized with survival, and are asking IT for advice. Which they’re not getting.

Because most IT groups have progressively disengaged with the core education business. They only really do IT infrastructure and admin systems. They don’t know who in the uni to talk to or what to talk about to find out, and are clueless about the consequences of cloud IT hitting education.

A few unis are running around feverishly and may have a plan – licensing MOOC course material seems to be a recurring theme. Of course. they’ll all be sharing their survival plans.

But back to IT. How long do you think an increasingly panicked VC is going to put up with a strategically clueless IT?

I think IT groups are in a death spiral of disengagement. A few are working their bums off trying to help the unis they love work out how to survive.

The death spiral ends in an early sacrifice over the MOOC precipice. I think we’ve already seen a few.

The IT survivors will be scarred, sharp and engaged with their leadership.

Cheers. Neil

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