Fresh into the cloud

Posted under: From the Blog 17th of April, 2013

Woolies goes Google. 

Last August, the Australian reported Woolies bought iPads for 890 store managers to “get them out of their dingy back office and on to the store floors, where they should be”, in 8 weeks, using Optus sim cards (Surprising because some Woolies stores have terrible 3G reception, and no wifi offered) Article reposted at this link. Questions opened up then about the extent to which  the wider Google Apps suite might be used – as it turns out, a nice sized starter project to cut their grocer’s teeth on.

Then in October, Woolies dropped Blackberries for iPhones

And most recently, we read Woolies has really gone over to the G-side. Woolworths goes Google. Google apps will be deployed to 26,000 staff.



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