“The coming capitalist era is that of the Facebook generation”

Posted under: From the Blog 8th of December, 2012

That’s the view of Gartner’s  research vice president Nigel Rayner. He says “As the gap between the rich and the poor in developed economies grows, money, wealth and power are becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small number of individuals — the “one percent” — while the other “99 percent” is increasingly using social media to collaborate, campaign and agitate against perceived inequities, leaving many management teams feeling under threat. “

So are you are a CIO who has not had the time or inclination to get on the social media bandwagon because ‘that’s not relevant’?  If you are, then you are one of the majority of CIOs. It will be hard to manage or make decisions about a media you haven’t had some personal experience, but rely on media hype or learn about it second-hand.

According to Facebook, there are over 1 billion Facebook users since it was launched in 2004, with over 10 million in Australia. If you are not already signed up, then there are a  few ways you can consider to try your hand.








Use Facebook without the angst

For those of us who want to experiment with Facebook, but who’s got the time to be bombarded with friends requests, wading through trivial status updates to get to the substan ce or having to check updates on a regular basis? Well there’s actually a way to set up your privacy settings and take advantage of some of the more useful features of Facebook.

The media is full of horror stories about Facebook but how much you share on Facebook is entirely up to you and how publicly you choose to share it.

So here are a few tips to get started:

1. First of all be selective about the Friends you accept.

2. Go to the Privacy Settings (on the top right tab)

- pick Friends, or you can be more specific with Custom

- edit settings for ‘How you connect’ – pick Friends

- edit settings for Timeline and Tagging – pick Friends for ‘Who can post on your timeline’, ‘who can see what others post on your timeline’, ‘who can see posts you’ve been tagged’. Of course you can limit this further by turning on  review tags and posts by Friends

2. Go to Account Settings (also on top right tab)

- go to Notifications and review the settings on that page

Facebook is pretty responsive if you report spam or if you want to block users

I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted when I point out that the privacy and security of anything you post or comment on Facebook is no different to sending an email – the risk is always there and care should always be taken in any electronic medium. Mostly you can decide how best you choose to use facebook by experimenting a bit.

More next time..

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