Clouds Over Cuba

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Posted under: From the Blog 31st of October, 2012

From JFK Presidential Library

Engaging and thoughtful history lesson wrapped in a perfectly crafted video experience.”

 “Clouds Over Cuba also includes the ability to sync to iCal or Google Calendar so that viewers can relive the days leading up to the crisis in virtual realtime.”

“They hired actors to play the parts from the “what if” scenario, and when I first sat down to watch that part of the story, I was thinking, “Jeez, I don’t remember reading about that. I don’t remember Americans getting hit by a nuclear bomb from Cuba. I don’t remember the nuclear bomb being dropped on Cuba.” It’s so well-performed and written and filmed that you’ll think that you missed something about history.” Matthew Modine with CNN


16 October 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In commemoration of the event, the JFK Presidential Library & Museum presents Clouds Over Cuba, a tense and engaging presentation on the Crisis and, even more strikingly, a dramatization on what might have happened had things gone differently.

Awarded Adobe’s Cutting Edge Award and the prestigious industry favourite website of the month, the website developers have used HTML5, Javascript and web socket technology to beautifully and seamlessly tell a story melding moments in history using original documentary, archival photos, audio recordings with modern technology including automatically adding documents to a digital dossier for further viewing and reviewing, with live tweets by JFK as the story progresses, accessible on mobile devices. The viewer can even “attend” crucial meetings between JFK and his advisors and Khrushchev.

The “what if” scenario is especially compelling, if not unsettling.

Especially pleasing to see one of the main Website Interactive Developer, an Australian, Andy Thelander, also developed Cloud Juice’s website. But not quite such the grand scale. Maybe in the future?… :-)




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