Can you imagine networks defined by software?

martin casado
Posted under: From the Blog 15th of May, 2012

Read about a new startup adding virtual networking to virtual compute and virtual storage – this will accelerate cloud adoption from SMEs to uptown and potentially redefine the way we think about networks.

PALO ALTO, California — Martin Casado stands up, reaches across the table, and tears a sheet of paper from a notebook. The notebook belongs to Alan Cohen, who works alongside Casado at Nicira, the most intriguing startup in Silicon Valley, and as Casado sits back down with his sheet of paper, Cohen keeps talking.

Cohen knows how to talk. He spent six years as a marketing exec at Cisco, the company that sells more networking hardware than anyone else in the world, and now, he’s plugging Nicira, a company that wants to make Cisco irrelevant, taking the brains out of network hardware and moving them into software. As Cohen gives the elevator pitch — “we’ve created a new category: we’re a network virtualization company” — Casado, the company’s chief technology officer, is quietly doodling on his piece of paper. He’s making lists and drawing pictures and linking them all together in some sort of elaborate flowchart.

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