Final Part 8 – IT Executive Development – Social networks and Trust

face to face
Posted under: From the Blog 1st of January, 2012

In this final of our 8-part series, Neil’s shares his experiences of social networking and interacting with business, sometimes even when standing in an ATM queue.

Social interactions are more important than we realise, when building trust. Not usually a strong characteristic of IT folk – find and seek out those opportunities – university social functions, having lunch in the cafeteria, going for a run, having a social round of golf.

A Key IT Leadership success factor is about building and maintaining trusting relationships with our business peers and customers- and I don’t mean by email, or Facebook, or Twitter, or text messaging. Go out and meet them face-to-face – and if that sounds daunting, it’s time to get some help and learn how to do it.

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