A Counter Point

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Posted under: From the Blog 5th of January, 2012

“when you put the all important data into the mix, everything changes.”

In our previous post, we led you to a video assembled by Motley Fool investment brokers, which uses the utility metaphor to compare cloud (over fibre) impact to the impact of AC on the electricity industry over 100 years ago.

Like most daring views, there’s always a counterpoint. The article below points out that data is the big difference – we don’t give anything private and valuable like it to our electricity supplier.


Nick Carr, in his book The Big Switch, used the electricity analogy to explain the nature of Cloud Computing. Initially, this comparison helped people get enthusiastic about cloud computing by connecting the idea with that of electric generation. However, I think this concept has outlived its utility and we need to go beyond this simplistic model.


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