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Posted under: Digital Natives 18th of October, 2011

The Internet has had unimaginable impacts on the lives of so many young people over the last 6 years since YouTube was born

YouTube is the go-to website for any and all videos you may want to view. With its simple account creation and video upload system, it is a hub for young and talented people. These youths come into the public eye from YouTube’s meme power. When you watch a video on YouTube, it suggests videos related to the one you just watched. It’s addictive. So you click one. It shows you other videos. So you click another, and another, and another, and before you know it suddenly you find the diamond in the rough and it spreads from there.

For example, Christina Grimmie. A YouTuber since 2009 at fifteen, in exactly two years she had accrued one million subscribers. She covered other people’s songs and now she opens for Disney star Selena Gomez, as well as released her debut album – all at 17. All of this from playing and singing in her own home, and simply uploading her videos onto YouTube.

As you know, Justin Bieber is another youth who was notably discovered on YouTube, in 2007 at age 12. Now he is known worldwide, either famously or infamously, and his worth is estimated at over $85 million.

These people would never have been discovered if it weren’t for YouTube, and its innovative and globally connecting website. These, otherwise unknown individuals would never have been recognised for their talents so publicly in this way, and never been able to achieve these great things – certainly not for a price of posting a YouTube video.

In my next instalment – deviantART.

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