Adolescents and the Internet – Runescape and more

Posted under: Digital Natives 20th of October, 2011

In my previous posts, websites like YouTube and deviantART are known for sharing their user’s talents and creations with the world.

Some consider a website itself a creation. Or even, a website used to play an online game. Perhaps you’ve heard of this before. Runescape. A massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Over a million members pay $10 a month for this game. Andrew and Paul Gower, Runescape’s creators, earn $10 million a month. It’s no surprise that they are now collectively worth $240 million. The internet populace approved of them and their creation.

Just like they now approve of this man – Mark Zuckerberg. The current CEO of Facebook is now 27, with a personal wealth estimated at $17.5 billion. He became the world’s youngest billionaire in 2008 at 24. Facebook. ‘Find me on Facebook’, ‘Add me on Facebook’, ‘Like me on Facebook’ are all now, common phrases in today’s society. With 800 million active users, 38% of all people who use the Internet, it’s no wonder Mr. Zuckerberg is famous alongside his innovation. He never would have guessed that he would be Time Magazine’s 2010 ‘Person of the Year’ after co-creating Facebook with Harvard classmates at only 20. The Internet did this for him. Where would he be without the Internet?

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