Adolescents and the Internet – Intro

Posted under: Digital Natives 16th of October, 2011

This is the first instalment of a 6 part series of a research project and my perspectives for a recent school assignment on the impact of the Internet on adolescents like myself. I’d like to share these.

Two billion and ninety-five million people. The number of people who use the Internet. This is 30% of the population of the entire world. 30% of all human beings who inhabit this earth have access to and regularly use this dynamic piece of technology. Think of every website you’ve ever clicked, every video you’ve ever seen, and every piece of artwork you’ve ever admired. The good, and the bad. The Internet is like a spectrum, it shows the extreme bad on one end of the spectrum to the extreme good at the other end of the spectrum. While the bad can be abysmal, the good can be mind-blowing. Incredible really, one in a million, and far outweighs the negatives.

These creative displays are not judged by who created it, but the content created. Within the Internet, you cannot be judged by your age, only by the talents and skills you possess. With sharing websites such as YouTube or deviantART, or by creating their own website, the youth of today shares their creativity with an extensive audience, never imagined 10 years ago. An audience far bigger than what could be achieved by any other physical or media means. A two billion, ninety-five million strong audience.

Next instalment – the impact of YouTube

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