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The Simpsonzu by Nina Matsumoto
Posted under: Digital Natives 19th of October, 2011

In my previous post, I gave examples of how YouTube can play such a major part in turning once-ordinary folk into mega-superstars.

While YouTube is a video-sharing website, deviantART, as the name suggests, shares artwork. It is the largest online social network for artists with over 13 milion registered members, attracting 35 million visitors each month to the 100,000 daily uploads of original artwork.

Nina Matsumoto, also known as space coyote, has been a member of deviantART since 2003. On January 5th, 2007, she uploaded this piece of artwork onto deviantART (See featured image - The Simpsonzu by Nina Matsumoto). Within days, she was being featured on ABC News Australia. She went on to meet the creator of ‘The Simpsons’, Matt Groening after simply uploading an interpretation of his characters. As a result, she now works for Matt Groening. Not only that, but 20th Century Fox asked her to work on the animated TV show, ‘Futurama’. All because one man, one out of over two billion people, saw this.

Just another case of another youth, another life, changed for the better. All thanks to the Internet.

Next post – perhaps you’ve heard of Runescape.

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