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Posted under: From the Blog 21st of May, 2011

Following on the previous blog on Free Cloud Sport, we thought some examples of some pro bono work might be of interest.

We have quite a lot to do with inline hockey (sometimes known as ice hockey on inline skates) with our Gen Y sons and Gen Z daughter actively involved at club, state, national and international teams. So it will come as no surprise that we all spend quite a bit of time supporting sporting organisations like our local Pine Rivers Inline Hockey Club with pro bono work, especially in taking advantage of cloud services.

Sporting organisations are typically cash poor, and most administration and promotion is done by volunteers. So cheap options (or even better FREE) are essential.

A good example to illustrate the use of FREE promotional and communication tools is through the club’s website

It was designed by our Gen Y son over a weekend using free WordPress. He used a simple uncluttered design and created the core template, from which others provide the content using WordPress simple content management. Of course the club had to pay for the url (about $200).

As with most websites, content is king (“The Internet .. allows information to be distributed worldwide at basically zero marginal cost to the publisher.” Bill Gates, 1996).

So the website has very rich content, maximising FREE cloud services and capabilities wherever possible – about the club, key contacts (links to email addresses), location (use of Google map), sponsors (link to sponsors’ websites), lots of photographs (using Flickr), videos  (using YouTube), RSS and other subscription services, contact email (using Hotmail).

Using Google Analytics, we analyse the number of visits, pageviews, traffic sources and referring sites.

A Learn Inline Hockey suite of videos was presented and produced by our Gen Y sons as part of a uni assignment. Used for the purpose of sharing their knowledge of inline hockey and promoting the sport and the club, in about 12 months the videos have been viewed  over 14,726 times

The club shares its referee roster with all referees using Google docs and it is the responsibility of each referee to nominate and check when they are rostered for games.

For the future the club might use other cloud services like Survey Monkey to gauge what content people want or shopping cart to pay for merchandise or registration fees.

These are just a few examples where sporting clubs and other not-for-profit organisations can really provide up-to-date content for minimal outlay – it’s just the time and effort of volunteers to keep the content fresh.

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