Motorola Defy – It's Life Proof

Posted under: From the Blog 30th of March, 2011

When the new Motorola Defy came out, it was not its ‘Hi-Res’, edge to edge touch display and access to thousands of apps that caught my attention. Nor was its dust proof, water and scratch resistant features. What caught my attention were the slogans. ‘Boredom Proof’. ‘Life Proof”. The advertising campaign that accompanied the release of this hardy android was blatantly and crudely directed at a demographic that has a reputation for being easily distracted and party mad. Can you guess who I’m talking about?

Gen Y

And while boredom proof will make anyone happy (no complaints here), it’s the ‘Life Proof’ slogan that makes me question what society thinks we 20yr olds are up to. This phone essentially promotes the party lifestyle we live. Binge Drinking. Apparently our idea of ‘life proof’ is the phone surviving a very large, drunken pool party. Now I admit partying is part of my lifestyle, but these kinds of adverts do not help the already decreasing opinion of my generation. Binge drinking is a huge issue in Australia, not to mention underage drinking, and adverts like this not only encourage current partiers to buy, but says to a younger demographic that it’s all good to go out and get trashed with your friends, your Motorola Defy will survive it now.

This phone is quite handy, (apple will probably be promoting their better, quicker, flatter iPhone version soon enough) surviving my washing machine, peak hour public transport or my general clumsiness are the reasons I would buy. I understand that this direction of advertising will probably be very profitable for Motorola, but from an ethical stand point this isn’t justified. Advertising campaigns like this may seem harmless, but the messages they send are being heard loud and clear by Gen Y.

You have to question promoting a lifestyle that has been widely recognised for causing serious problems in today’s society and youth. I have no answers to the range of issues I’ve just touched on, it’s just a little food for thought.

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