Internet Setup – A real pain in the e-behind

Posted under: Digital Natives 9th of March, 2011

So recently I have not been posting blogs, due to having moved into a new place with my girlfriend.  I was tasked with setting up the ISP so we could have it running by the time we moved in. I called IINET, worked out a plan that would suit my specific needs, and started the process.  They’d told me it would take 8 working days, 15 at the most, so 3 weeks without Internet, seems easy enough.

Unfortunately, Queensland was hit by severe flooding and then a cyclone, which caused delays that I had expected, fair enough I thought.

So 3 weeks after the initial call, I finally get confirmation that a technician will be coming around to connect our apartment to the network, he told me I simply had to wait for the router and for IINET to switch on my plan.  I received confirmation by TXT message, the following week, that my connection was now switched on and working (Oh Joyous Days!), and I also received my router.

First issue: I was given a dud router. While speaking with a mentally challenged phone operator, who told me to try 3 different wall sockets as well as testing other appliances to make sure it wasn’t the router, even though I knew it was, she left me on hold for 30 minutes.  I hung up, called again, and actually got a support officer who could do something, he confirmed what I knew all along that the router was the 1 in a 1000 dud router, and that another 1 would be shipped immediately with priority. He told me the process would take 5 days top.

Second Issue: A week later, there was still no router, and I was starting to get somewhat agitated.  I called again, asking for a cancellation on the router and for a refund as I had decided to buy my own.  They told me that the order had just been received for the second router and I should expect it in 3 days(No thanks). After a bit of arguing, they agreed to credit the cost of the router to my account.

Third Issue: I finally plugged in my new (separately bought) router in and set it up, only to find that my internet was switched on, but not working.  It seems the technician, 2 weeks ago, did not do his job and did not connect the line properly.  I was told that it would take 1 more week for the problem to be fixed, that may require another technician to come out to my apartment to fix the issue, as well as an absurd extra cost due to a mistake, that they made.  Thankfully, I did not have to pay it and after 6 weeks, I was finally reunited with the Internet.

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