Twitter: Is It Worth It?

Posted under: Digital Natives 8th of December, 2010

Twitter is a very commonly used social networking device, with over 175 million regular users, but have these users ever really considered why they use this popular website?

Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter firmly holds a place as the second (or first, according to some) most-used social networking website in my generation. As Twitter and Facebook are used to often, it is common for people to assume that these websites and their owners are ‘dueling it out’ to see who is best. This idea is ridiculous, as Twitter and Facebook, while built for the same purpose, are completely different ways of communicating with people around the world. Although I could create another blog about this ‘battle’ I instead shall focus on the supposed importance Twitter should hold in your life.

At first glance, Twitter would seem like a popular site used by many varieties of people around the world to share some of the things happening in their daily life. Actors, sportsmen, musicians, and many others have a twitter account to update their fans about upcoming events and other such important details. Making a sandwich? Going to work? About to fall asleep? One tweet and all of your followers suddenly know what you’re up to. Of course, the only way that your followers can know this is by making an account themselves. And soon they are also updating all of THEIR followers on what they’re up to. The one big questions I have to every and all twitter users is, who cares?

Is it really expected that someone you have never met, never spoken to, and never seen will want to know anything about your life? I made a twitter account at the behest of my friends and after having constant floods of updates about their lives flooding my news feed, I didn’t touch it ever again. The only reason I see to have a twitter account is to find out things about people you like, and that reason alone seems a bit suspicious. Does a celebrity really want 100,000 fans wanting to know everything they’re up to?

To conclude, from the words of my Year 8 English teacher (though at the time was referring to the use of personal pronouns in formal language), “You’re nothing, nobody cares what you think, you are no one.”

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