The Battle (Part Two)

Posted under: Digital Natives 13th of December, 2010

This post continues from ‘Facebook vs. Twitter: The Most Anticipated Battle of the 21st Century’.

Facebook takes pride in its security in which you can decide what you want to be viewed publically, by friends of friends, or friends only. There is also a handy way in finding out who people are by mutual friends, so that you have a bit of idea who this person is and what kind of social group they come from. Twitter on the other hand does the opposite. Although you can make your profile private, this means that the world will not be able to view your profile or tweets, pretty much ruining the whole point of having a Twitter account. Also, “friends” requests in Twitter take the form of followers, and unless you want to go through stacks of people to pick and choose who you want to see your tweets and profile, all of these requests are automatically accepted.  The simplicity of the ‘friends’ accepting process can be explained by the short comic below.

However, this type of security can be a bad, and yet a good thing. In Facebook, having security means that you can upload photos of yourself and others without fear of randoms from around the world having access to them, and this is most definitely a positive step. On the other hand, this means that you won’t be able to meet people within Facebook that you can trust to share with them this valuable information. Twitter has the same problem, but flipped. With little to no security on an average account, Twitter has your information open to every and all users of the internet. But because there is so little on one of these accounts, you can easily and comfortably chat with other people without feeling the need to conceal your identity. I feel that this means the score should become;

Facebook: 1

Twitter: 1

So, my method may not be scientific, but surely in this world there is enough for two networking giants. Why not use Facebook to connect with your friends that you know in real life and use Twitter to meet new and interesting people from around the globe. With these two working hand in hand, you may just have an enjoyable networking experience.

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