Facebook vs. Twitter: The Most Anticipated Battle of the 21st Century

Posted under: Digital Natives 9th of December, 2010

The ‘battle’ for social-networking supremacy is currently between the two most used websites of the latter part of this decade, Twitter and Facebook.

To put some quick facts on the table, Facebook has over 500 million active users , and Twitter has more than 175 million registered users. Facebook was founded in February 2004, and Twitter in July 2006. There have been many arguments floating around the internet both pro and con for these websites, and although I personally prefer Facebook, I will attempt to take an unbiased view as I compare these two websites for three things; practicality in real life, connectivity with the world, and security.

By practicality in real life, I am referring to things that me and my fellow generation Z would use these kinds of devices for. One which I personally feel is common is just simple get-togethers which we try to organise things for each other. On Twitter, you would tweet and suddenly all your followers would know, and it was pretty simple. However, I feel that the way Facebook organises events is much more efficient. On Twitter, you would have to have each person you’re inviting a twitter account and following you, whereas on Facebook each person would have to have an account and be friends with you. Although they seem very similar, having your real name is certainly an easier way to find someone rather than surfing through endless accounts. And not only does Facebook let each person know, you can also arrange events with reminders to the people who are invited. And unless your practical uses for these devices in stalking, the standings are;

Facebook: 1

Twitter: 0

Sometimes people use the internet just to meet other people. They may not have any intention to meet them in real life, hear their voice or see them via webcam, they just want to have a chat with someone from another part of the world and hear someone else’s perspective. Twitter does this job almost perfectly. With no need to put your real name, and very basic details about your personality, you can meet people without any need to protect your identity. Facebook somewhat enforces the ‘real name’ policy, and unless you don’t want real life friends not to know a lot about you or be able to find you, you’re not going to be able to meet other people. So in this battlefield, Twitter certainly dominates.

Facebook: 1

Twitter: 1

The last criterion and the conclusion shall follow in a later post.

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