Youtube: Best of the Internet

Posted under: Digital Natives 8th of November, 2010
About 90% of the video’s found on YouTube are utter crap.  I intend on using this blog and future ones, to show you some of the 10% worth viewing.

From one particular group, The Gregory Brothers(Youtube Username: schmoyoho), who specialise in creating music video out of well known politicians with the help of auto-tune and looping.

Auto-Tune the News #13: driving. stripping. swinging.
As the title suggest, this video is part of  a series, in which they have been auto-tuning news reports, often to amusing results.  By this point they’ve developed enough popularity that this video was a collaboration with Weezer(an American alternative rock band).

This video was taken from one of Barack Obama’s original speeches to the House of Congress and remixed/autotuned to sound like a section of the the song Replay by IYAZ

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