Youtube: Best of the Internet #2

Posted under: Digital Natives 25th of November, 2010
Another post, to help people find the 10% of video’s worth watching on Youtube.  I will continue to display separate “Youtubers” in each blog, to allow full appreciation of how much work some of these people put into their videos.

This week, the spotlight goes to Freddie Wong (Youtube Username : freddiew), who specialises in making very high quality action scenes, using various techniques and film making styles.

This one gives a general idea of what most of his video are like:
Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene

Using the same concept but changing the props from (fake) guns to light painting they then created this:
Light Warfare

So popular the above video was, that Andy Whitfield the leading actor from the TV Series Spartacus showed interest in creating a collaboration video. While sticking to the same style of video making, they also incorporated a popular arcade game called Time Crisis to create this video.
Time Crisis – Ft. Andy Whitfield

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