The iPhone: SMS

Posted under: Digital Natives 8th of October, 2010

While many people conclude to themselves that the iPhone is a waste of money and resources, some of the simplest things which the iPhone provide make everyday life an easy endeavor. One major example that is present in this teenager’s life is texting. With your average phone, texts come in singles. You receive one, it goes to your inbox. You send one, it goes to your sent box. With the iPhone and other “smart phones”, every text that has been exchanged with a contact is simplified into an intuitive chat format. Want to check when the last time you and someone have chatted? No problem, just scroll up in their chat section and you’ve found it. There’s no need to go searching through old chat logs anymore.

However, one of the downsides of this is that many unwary users fall prey to the chat format. It reminds them of instant messengers on the internet, which are all free. When you get a new message, you almost instinctively respond straight away without giving much thought as to how it could be better structured. If you see a mistake, you simply send another text correcting it. Eventually this could lead up to double messages left and right, wasting more and more of your precious credit. Of course, this is easily solved with unlimited texting (a great birthday present for your young adolescent). With the iPhone, texting is no longer just for utility, it’s a leisure activity and an addiction.


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