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Posted under: From the Blog 13th of September, 2010

Apologies for time lag since last post – have been very busy for a couple of months.

I’ve worked on ten assignments for 8 clients so far and have other clients warming up for the next month or two. Others have expressed interest in me so we’ll see. I have to be more careful not to over commit these days.

Many of the assignments have been about helping the CIO develop their immediate reports, usually to take on more strategic responsibilities and relationships. I’m finding interesting parallels to the coaching I do in inline hockey. I’m wondering if there is a way to mix online and video IT leadership coaching, with occasional face to face.

Starting to feel like very short term CIO supplement labour for hire – taking on tasks that the incumbent CIO wants to get done but can’t find the time in their urgent agenda. One client said he wanted to “outsource himself”. I remember what if felt like to be absurdly busy, and when working am just doing what I would have wanted someone to do for me. I keep hearing the lyrics of “Respect yourself”.

Completed assignment examples follow – an emerging pattern to the entertainment.

CIO support to improve IT leadership capability. Observed and advise on IT leadership team development, succession, mentoring. IT Leadership workshops. Suggest improvements to governance, projects, services to enhance leadership development.

Strategic IT exploitation and engagement. Increasing awareness, preparedness and optimism for use of technology specifically in new building works with engaged leadership and clients. IT leadership skills workshop and coaching.

Help CIO with IT exec team development. War stories, leadership games. Support for leadership residential, with substantial joint preparation with CIO.

IT leadership conference and workshop interactivity. Workshop design.

CIO support – outsourced long range IT strategy PPT development.

Per CIO request, program manager support for project templates and program management approach.

IT strategy research and mock services website (using embedded objects in PPT).

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