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Posted under: From the Blog 20th of March, 2010


Before QUT I had worked for 5 federal gov’t departments, Oracle, as private consultant and Queensland Health – 8 jobs in 24 years. Mostly leading large IT projects over 2-3 year stints. During my QUT recruitment interview, I advised that I would be unlikely to stay more than 2-3 years.

I have been at QUT for the last 11 years and it has been an outstanding organisation. QUT is without doubt the best place I have worked and Tom Cochrane has been the best boss I have had. I have particularly enjoyed involvement in eresearch and CAUDIT activities over the last few years.

I apologise to those affected by my abrupt exit but this has been precipitated by personal matters including family illness.  I am fine, and appreciate the numerous expressions of concern and good wishes for the future.  I am very grateful to Warren Fraser for organising an ITS farewell recently, which I thought went very well and seemed to help many, certainly me, get good closure.

I am very confident in the ITS department I leave behind at QUT,  its strong relationship with the rest of QUT, and QUT’s continued success with IT, without me.

Who said: “When you need me but don’t want me I must stay, when you want me but don’t need me I must go”?

QUT does not need me and I must go.

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